Tickets for New Constellations go on sale on Thursday, October 26 at 10 a.m. local time.

Tickets start are available in person and online. For more information and for specific lineups at each stop, see ticketing links below.

**Please note: not all acts on all dates

Nov 23 The Broadway Theatre Saskatoon
Nov 24 The Gateway Calgary
Nov 25 The Starlite Room Edmonton
Nov 26 E. A. Rawlinson Centre Prince Albert
Nov 27 West End Cultural Centre Winnipeg
Nov 28 Port Arthur Polish Hall Thunder Bay
Nov 29 Debajehmujig Creation Centre Wiikwemkoong
Dec 6 Spatz Theatre Halifax
Dec 7 Playhouse Theatre Fredericton
Dec 8 L’Astral Montreal
Dec 9 Bronson Centre Ottawa
Dec 10 Kitigan Zibi Community Hall Kitigan Zibi
Dec 20 The Opera House Toronto

Community Accessible Tickets

We welcome all friends, identities, and relations to join us in creating a space of inclusivity, respect and celebration. We are committed to making tickets available to everyone. If you have barriers to accessing these tickets, financial or otherwise, please contact us as soon as possible at  Please note that any arrangements are subject to availability.

Pay It Forward

Join us in our commitment to financial accessibility and help us pay it forward: when you buy a ticket for yourself, top up your purchase by buying a ticket for someone else to attend a New Constellations show for free here. There’s no limit to how much we, as a community, can give.

Inclusive Spaces

New Constellations events are intended to be safe & inclusive spaces.

We are deeply committed to providing an inclusive, supportive, and safe space that is free of sexism / racism / ableism / homophobia / transphobia / aggressive / violent behaviour of any kind that puts our intended participants and audiences at risk.

If you experience any kind of violation (including harassment, abuse, or assault) while attending a New Constellations event, or if someone who has behaved in this manner affects your participation, or if you find that you need support for any other reasons, please let one of our event organizers or venue staff know.

If you are a survivor and would prefer to make specific arrangement for our events beforehand, please contact

Our Safe & Inclusive Space Policy was developed using the Coalition for Safer Spaces resource.