Raphaelle Standell-Preston (Blue Hawaii/Braids)

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Raphaelle Standell

Raphaelle Standell loves to sing and is part of two projects — Braids and Blue Hawaii. Raphaelle has been focusing on music for 10 years now, taking a keen interest in challenging lyrics, composition, and production. Nominated twice for the Polaris Prize, Braids won a Juno in 2016 for their third album, Deep in the Iris, and have received widespread critical acclaim. Raphaelle has used her platform as an artist to tell her own experiences of sexual abuse and to champion survivors, publishing the piece “Reclamation Through a Microphone” for Pitchfork. Raphaelle also has a deep passion for DJ-ing, mixing for Boiler Room, NTS, and Dublab. Her other project, Blue Hawaii, recently released their sophomore album, Tenderness, for which they are currently on tour.